Within the polarities is oneness

Words happen within these polarities. These perfect opposites that compliment each other and that ultimately contain each other. When the oneness of the polarities is known directly, then the opposites interact harmoniously. The opposite extremes feel each other, and thus know each other openly and intimately.

– o –

The total spectrum of our entire manifested reality is held within these polarities, which can be know as ‘one’. Within ‘one’ all of phenomenal existence can be known.

– o –

Knowing this oneness as a human being allows us to go beyond the polarities. Seen from a distance, or with inner depth, the polarities can be felt as one within as the opposite manifestations of each other.

– o –

Given that we have evolved within the polarities, including the evolution of all of our thoughts, it can be difficult to perceive the oneness of the polarities.

We choose to place our entire attention within these polarities, identifying with mixtures of opposing forces, riding the waves of the opposites, the ebs and flows of life that we all know. We forget the oneness of these opposing forces, a oneness that determines our very existence. Unity is forgotten for separateness.

– o –

‘Good’/’Bad’, ‘Right’/’Wrong’, ‘Light’/’Dark’ – any polar opposite is an infinite spectrum. The opposite extremes are intrinsically linked through the infinite spectrum between them.

The opposite extremes are ultimately ‘one’.

– o –

Could there be ‘Good’ without ‘Bad’? Would there be ‘Right’ if there wasn’t ‘Left’? Would there be ‘Light’ without ‘Dark’? Can a ‘polar extreme’ exist without its ‘equal opposite’? What is the nature of ‘manifested’ reality?

– o –

From ONE came TWO.

The opposites are born of ONE. They are ultimately ONE.

When we know within ourselves that the polarities are ultimately ONE, ie opposite ends of a spectrum, a harmony can be felt directly.

– o –

When we know the universe to be one big infinite spectrum of harmony, its easier to allow the energy movements in all aspects of our existence to harmonize. Blockages and accumulations, causing either physical or emotional discontent and pain, burn up in the knowing that this universe is already perfect.

– o –

Energy movements resolve and harmonize, as do life situations, when events are left in peace and allowed to be as they are. Life’s dramas are left to unfold in their natural rhythms.

– o –

Feel your shoulders, your chest.

Let your arms relax.

– o –

Our worrying mind doesn’t want to realize the oneness of reality. If everything was one, what would there be to worry about? The worrying mind dissolves in oneness.

The worrying mind is the conditioned mind, the mind that is within the polarities. That mind is an accumulation of past event impressions that merge to form a conceptual point of view. Most of us take this point of view that we have as being ‘me’. We forget our deeper self. We forget oneness.

– o –

Oneness explores twoness,

twoness happens within Oneness.

– o –

The same happens within human beings.

Internal oneness to external twoness.

– o –

When we lose touch with the feeling of oneness, we take this separated mind made “me image” to be “who I am”. We totally believe that we are separate. So when we totally believe ourselves to be a separate from the whole, we cling to and defend this ‘little me’ with everything we’ve got, because, we believe that’s all there is! Being totally in the grip of separateness can be really scary. Fear of death, anger with the world, suffering, delusion.

– o –

Allowing the perceived suffering in whatever form it takes to be as it is within the unified wholeness of manifested reality dissolves the suffering/pain/resistance. Allowing and accepting gently dissolves the mentally constructed mind made ‘me image’. As this happens, a deeper sense of ‘true self’ that is beyond resistance and pain begins to emerge.

As we begin to allow the energy movements within the polarities to be as they are, that is, we know these energy movements as ultimately ‘one’, it becomes much easier for our attention to move beyond the polarities. The more we allow what is to be, the easier it is to observe the oneness of the polarities. We begin to know what the polarities happen within. An intuitive perception is activated, a deeper awareness…

– o –

The mentally constructed ‘me image’ is brought into perspective. There is the ‘little me’ and beyond this ‘little me’ there is infinite openness – the deeper self.

The fundamental driving force at the core of this mentally constructed ‘me’ is resistance closedness/contraction/separation. The ‘me image’ (or ego) is ultimately resistance to oneness (aka separation). Pain is the result of this resistance. The ‘me image’ is ultimately strengthened by pain. It’s a vicious circle. The illusory separation by which this mind made self is constructed upon feeds on pain and inner resistance.

Separation, resistance and pain are closely related.

Its easier to see this when your attention is freed from being totally absorbed by the polarities to the point where you begin to perceive the ‘space’ in which the polarities happen. Quieting thought is a great way to free up some attention to know this for yourself.

– o –

The return ….

Separate Finite Closedness -> One Infinite Openness

All of phenomenal existence, physical and conceptual, unfold within an apparent ‘nothingness’/’emptiness’, a field of infinite potential. It is the infinite space in which all ‘things’ exist. So its not a ‘thing’ its no-thing.

When our attention is freed from being caught up within the polar “things”/opposites, we can begin to know this, not with our logical minds, but by ‘feeling’ this infinite open space directly. We begin to notice the space, and by feeling it directly, we begin to know our deeper self beyond the polarities. Harmonious peace is felt directly.

Perceived disharmony is dissolved in harmonious peace. When a person, event or thought that seems on the surface to be ‘inharmonious’ or not at peace is held within the infinite awareness of the deepest self (aka infinite peace), that disharmony dissolves. It shoots off in all directions looking for something to react to, so it dissipates and dissolves. Inharmonious blockages within an individual that may have been carried for years return to harmonious peace. This is the case within an individual, in social groups and with global diplomacy.

A deep listening that encompasses listening to the ever-present infinite silence is a transformative practice. Everything perceived within the field of infinite stillness that is allowed to be as it is, reconciles to a peaceful, natural and harmonious state within the whole. These harmonious reconciliation’s can occur in an instant and/or could take eons to unfold.

When it comes to the human condition, the dissolution of these blockages (resistance/discontent) lead to an ever-deeper sense of peace. As we feel peace directly we become so full of peace that the polarities are no longer ‘all you are’ and you come to know yourself as peace itself.

– o –

Some blockages are deeply rooted. Our very sense of separateness or ‘me’ is in essence a deep-seated resistance pattern. Separateness is ultimately a requirement for the mind made sense of self to exist.

The peace that is spoken of here is not a mere concept. It is a feeling, an unquestionable knowing.

– o –

How can it be unquestionable? Because it is before during and after the question. That field of spacious infinite peace is what the question happens in. No language or words can describe ‘It’ because all language and words came out of ‘It’. ‘It’ is there before (and after) language, words, concepts, questions.

– o –

What was there before the big bang? Before manifested existence? “Before” time? Before Space? Any name we use can never really describe it. How about ‘still infinite potential’. The name doesn’t really matter. Call it peace if you want, what is important is feeling it for yourself. All phenomenal existence came from there, including you and me. It is our/your ‘deepest self’. The one unifying presence that holds all ‘things’ including little me & little you in a loving embrace.

So yes, we can know this because ultimately we ‘are’ this. Its our very essence right at our core.

– o –

Endlessness. Beginninglessness. Infinite. No Egde.


– o –

A Dialogue

What is infinity?

It goes on and on. If you stare it in the face, what are you looking at? What are you that is looking? Every movement of thought, every sensation, happens in “it”. So who is thinking? Who is feeling?

What is “looking”? What is “attention”? What is “sensing”?

Sensing, attention and looking imply the subjective perspective of an object.

Every “thing” is an object. The sensing/awareness of an object is an object’s subject. Subject is no “thing”. It is that which is no-object. That which has no objective existence. To call “it” something would be to give “it” objective existence.

So what is “it”?

“it” is not a thing. Its more of a ” “. So there is no “what” as such.

A “space”, a “void” an “emptiness”?

All of these descriptions are helpful for pointing to ” “.

– o –

How is ” ” different/separate to the “things/forms” that happen in ” “.? ….

There is only a perceived separation/difference between “things” and ” “. All forms are ultimately ” “. The manifestation of form is a finite expression of ” “.

Finite ” “, or ” 1 “.

” 1 “ness in ” “ness?

Without the ” “, there could never be ” 1 “.

” ” and ” 1 ” are ” 1 ” .

The infinite within the finite. The finite within the infinite.

The boundless within the bound, the bound within the boundless.

– o –

So how can I know this ” “?

Allow the polar energy movements to be as they are.

Let them be.

As they harmonize, a oneness can be felt within.

That feeling is the deepest Love.

That feeling is the deepest Truth.

Sounds simple, because it is simple.

Allow Love with Enthusiasm